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Four new building blocks for Methodism?

  Newly elected Vice-President lays out four new building blocks for Methodism 28 June 2014 The new Vice-President of the Methodist Conference for 2014-15 laid down four building blocks of faith for 21st century Britain in her inaugural address to … Continue reading

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Arminius on Foreknowledge and Predestination

By Thomas Jay Oord. Although some Christians have heard of the great Dutch theologian, Jacob Arminius, few know much about him. Two new books aim to change this. At the November 2013 American Academy of Religion meeting in Baltimore, I’m … Continue reading

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Preaching as a sacrament.

I was supposed to do a bit of travelling today, but the recent fall of snow has put a stop to the idea. So, instead I have settled down to continue my longterm theological project of reading Karl Barth’s Church … Continue reading

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Why Wesleyans Aren’t Fundamentalists

  by Al Truesdale Wesleyans aren’t fundamentalists because that would require them to exchange a high doctrine of Scripture for a low one. Wesleyans and Christian fundamentalists (hereafter referred to as fundamentalists or fundamentalism) agree on many aspects of Christian … Continue reading

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Women….. that old chestnut, and why.

I spent four days last week with over a hundred Pastors and leaders from my own tribe, the Church of the Nazarene. It was excellent, and the general theme was renewal of mind, body and spirit. Chick Yuill was the … Continue reading

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MISSIONAL NAZARENES? …. We are using the language but do we understand what we are saying?

  A post from a good brother in Christ……… Posted by jamespetticrew on March 28, 2012 I am just back from our annual denominational get together (my rear end has just about recovered from too many hours on a pew) … Continue reading

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Holiness misunderstood and then redefined.

In the first part of this series about Holiness, a basic problem came to the surface that is still experienced in too many places within the Holiness denominations of today and in the past – the problem of separation. We … Continue reading

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