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Empire, Christianity and the confusion of attractive power.

I am coming to the end of Moltmann’s ‘The Crucified God’, and I found this interesting section where Moltmann addresses issues of power, empire and the dangers of idolatry that can/do come with it. He looks at where Christian theology … Continue reading

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Putin orders Russians to live longer!

PUTIN ORDERS RUSSIANS TO LIVE LONGER! from Holiness Reeducation by Greg Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russians to live longer! The question of course is what the punishment will be for dying early? (Bad joke, I know but it … Continue reading

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A sermon for Remembrance Sunday 2012

  I don’t normally post my sermons up onto the internet, but I thought it might not be a bad idea every now and then…….   Scripture: Matthew 5:1-12 Sermon: This week I posted a comment on Facebook along the … Continue reading

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IPP and practicality…. not!

A Completely Predictable Mess from The Magistrate’s Blog by Bystander Team This blog wrote some years ago about the mismanagement of IPP (Indefinite for Public Protection) sentences. After five years and more in which everyone in the system could forsee … Continue reading

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Bloodless bean-counters rule over us – where are the leaders?

The inexorable march of the managerialists is creating resentment and social division. The Armed Forces have fought several wars in the past 15 years, dealing with a Ministry of Defence staffed by people who know nothing about war Photo: Hulton … Continue reading

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In memory of the martyrs……. Barclay James Harvest.

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Peter Cruddas’ integrity failure….

Peter Cruddas’ failure and our longing for integrity by Gillan @ God and Politics in the UK Peter Cruddas has let himself down, he’s let the Conservatives down, he’s let politics down.  In fact he’s let all of us down. … Continue reading

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