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   Bonhoeffer and leadersip……

Bonhoeffer’s critique of leadership On the weekend I’ll be presenting a paper at a colloquium on interfaith persepectives on leadership. My paper (representing the Protestant tradition) is on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theological critique of leadership in Life Together. Here’s an excerpt from the conclusion: … Continue reading

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Perspective as Spiritually forming?

  By Chris Lenshyn Those who read the Bible from a spiritualizing, other worldly perspective will have a spiritualizing, other worldly faith and go to spiritualizing, other worldly churches. Those who read the Bible from a prosperity-promising, greed-promoting, materialistic perspective … Continue reading

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Bloodless bean-counters rule over us – where are the leaders?

The inexorable march of the managerialists is creating resentment and social division. The Armed Forces have fought several wars in the past 15 years, dealing with a Ministry of Defence staffed by people who know nothing about war Photo: Hulton … Continue reading

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Language and the winds of change….

I don’t know about you, but the church that I pastor is a very small church. It probably has an average age of 60 years in the congregation, and all have different preferences when it comes to choice of Bible. … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright Against the Enlightenment’s Rival Eschatology

from Kingdom People by Trevin Wax Lots to chew on in this quote from N.T. Wright, particularly at this time of year: The reason the Enlightenment has taught us to trash our own history, to say that Christianity is part … Continue reading

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