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The Only Ones in Touch

by thevicarswife In today’s Independent, Mary Ann Sieghart, who is not a Christian believer, eloquently defends the Church of England against recent attacks from Richard Dawkins, who appears to think that the church is a worthless and even malign institution. … Continue reading

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Story or soundbite?

Every Tuesday night sees me travel across to Leeds to do the church House Group. I look to the group as being the main expression of this very small church, and I have deliberately set out to write a discipleship … Continue reading

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Keeping the rumour of God alive

This is a follow-up to the previous article….. by simon Peter Oborne has a timely and wide-ranging piece in the Telegraph (here), charting a rise in church attendance in recent months.He suggests ‘Their Christian values stand at an angle to … Continue reading

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Who do we do our Carol Services for? By David Cooke If you were a certain age in the 1980’s and liked music there was only one man to listen to. His name was John Peel. He had the remarkable quality of being the most innovative … Continue reading

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Celebrities queue up to endorse Church of England’s Christmas sales push

by Charlie So, the Church of England’s latest PR coup is to sign Jo Brand to jolly everyone to go to their local carol service this Christmas time. Jo writes: "As usual, I am looking forward to going to church … Continue reading

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Wesley on Reading

I know of some Ministers who openly state that they read very little, and what the do read tends to be very narrow. Is it a coincidence that there appears to be no life in their ministry or congregations? I … Continue reading

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Resident Aliens

One of my favourite books….. Article below by len In the second chapter of Resident Aliens Hauerwas and Willimon take on Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture. They write that, “We have come to believe that few books have been a greater … Continue reading

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