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How Can it Happen?

by Scot McKnight One of the most pressing question for humans in the depth of their existence is this one: How can humans go silent or compliant or, unfathomably, become even more committed to the leader and the cause … Continue reading

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What would the apostle Paul think about evangelicals and the conflict in Palestine? By Peter Enns

After visiting Jerusalem and many of the biblical locations within this beautiful country, I left with a very despondent view after visiting Bethlehem. I am from a tribe that’s HQ and much influence is from the USA despite it being … Continue reading

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Bean counting as the aim…..

We see consumerism everywhere, yes, especially in church! We see business models promoted as magical tablets to cure ailing Sunday attendance, and we also know that many think of local church instead of kingdom thinking…. I am currently reading Michael … Continue reading

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The Jewish ‘No’…… continued.

I am going to continue with this idea of how we should understand the Jewish ‘No’ and the ‘Yes’ of the fledgling Christian faith. This effects our approach to how God works with creation and particular when he has a … Continue reading

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Empire, Christianity and the confusion of attractive power.

I am coming to the end of Moltmann’s ‘The Crucified God’, and I found this interesting section where Moltmann addresses issues of power, empire and the dangers of idolatry that can/do come with it. He looks at where Christian theology … Continue reading

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Jurgen Moltmann – Christianity and comfort.

I am finding much to be gained from Moltmann in relation to how Christianity interacts (or doesn’t) with the surrounding, dominating society. This reminds me of the parable about losing saltiness and what I see around me often – a … Continue reading

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Two Necessary Seasons of Life: Pruning and Dormancy

by BECKY ELDREDGE Last year my prayer life told me it was pruning season. After years of being in the full bloom of my outward call, it was time to re-evaluate life’s commitments. God was inviting me to a … Continue reading

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