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Pastors in competition

competition and “the powers” Marva Dawn writes in Powers, Weakness and the Tabernacling of God that the “sporting impulse” of competition prevails over the gospel impulse of justice among most believers (“Powers, Weakness, etc p41). She continues to ask, “Why … Continue reading

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Inspired by love and anger

Inspired by love and anger, disturbed by need and pain, informed of God’s own bias we ask him once again: “How long must some folk suffer? How long can few folk mind? How long dare vain self interest turn prayer … Continue reading

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If Bob Diamond wants to restore Barclays he should take a look in his Bible….

from God and Politics in the UK by Gillan @ God and Politics in the UK Back in November of last year Bob Diamond, the chief executive of Barclays, delivered the inaugural Radio 4 Today Business Lecture.  This is part … Continue reading

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Bloodless bean-counters rule over us – where are the leaders?

The inexorable march of the managerialists is creating resentment and social division. The Armed Forces have fought several wars in the past 15 years, dealing with a Ministry of Defence staffed by people who know nothing about war Photo: Hulton … Continue reading

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Paul Weller being prophetic…..

Imagining the Lectionary: Going Underground (Easter 2B) from visualtheology The Jam’s great 1980 hit "Going Underground"  is an edgy, powerful and raw indictment both of a society which fails to challenge and stand out against the values and decisions of … Continue reading

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Peter Cruddas’ integrity failure….

Peter Cruddas’ failure and our longing for integrity by Gillan @ God and Politics in the UK Peter Cruddas has let himself down, he’s let the Conservatives down, he’s let politics down.  In fact he’s let all of us down. … Continue reading

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A Hoodie quoting the Bible in Congress and being kicked out

Will we ever see hoodie wearing MPs quoting the Bible? by Gillan @ God and Politics in the UK Can you imagine this ever happening in the UK Parliament?  Democratic Congressman, Bobby Rush, donned a hoodie on the floor of … Continue reading

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