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What would the apostle Paul think about evangelicals and the conflict in Palestine? By Peter Enns

After visiting Jerusalem and many of the biblical locations within this beautiful country, I left with a very despondent view after visiting Bethlehem. I am from a tribe that’s HQ and much influence is from the USA despite it being … Continue reading

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Four new building blocks for Methodism?

  Newly elected Vice-President lays out four new building blocks for Methodism 28 June 2014 The new Vice-President of the Methodist Conference for 2014-15 laid down four building blocks of faith for 21st century Britain in her inaugural address to … Continue reading

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Beyond Friendship Evangelism.

Mark van Steenwijk writes, “Intentional friend-­making” is different than “friendship evangelism” because the goal of friendship evangelism is to share your faith with your existing friends. I highly encourage that. That is a great thing. But the problem is that … Continue reading

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Pastors in competition

competition and “the powers” Marva Dawn writes in Powers, Weakness and the Tabernacling of God that the “sporting impulse” of competition prevails over the gospel impulse of justice among most believers (“Powers, Weakness, etc p41). She continues to ask, “Why … Continue reading

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Arminius on Foreknowledge and Predestination

By Thomas Jay Oord. Although some Christians have heard of the great Dutch theologian, Jacob Arminius, few know much about him. Two new books aim to change this. At the November 2013 American Academy of Religion meeting in Baltimore, I’m … Continue reading

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Literal thinking falls over early….

Genesis, creation, and two very different portraits of God (or, you can’t pin God down) November 17, 2013 By Peter Enns Marc Zvi Brettler, Dora Golding Professor of Biblical Literature at Brandeis University, and also one of my co-authors on … Continue reading

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Christianity without formulas. imagine that.

An article from Peter Enns thought provoking blog…..   October 21, 2013 By Peter Enns Today’s post is a short interview with Ryan Miller, author of everything breathes, which just came out this month. Miller spent 10+ years creating video … Continue reading

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