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Bean counting as the aim…..

We see consumerism everywhere, yes, especially in church! We see business models promoted as magical tablets to cure ailing Sunday attendance, and we also know that many think of local church instead of kingdom thinking…. I am currently reading Michael … Continue reading

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If You Are Looking For God, God Will Find You

  by DOTMAGIS EDITOR I happen to believe that “if you are looking for God, God will find you.” Ignatius of Loyola or Mother Teresa would have likewise believed that even as we are looking, and even when we mostly … Continue reading

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The past is not what our future hope should be.

I am continuing on my Jurgen Moltmann re-read period, and now I am at the very early stages of reading ‘The Way of Christ: Christology in Messianic Dimensions’. Nostalgia is a dangerous thing. We tend to do it with false … Continue reading

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Jurgen Moltmann – Christianity and comfort.

I am finding much to be gained from Moltmann in relation to how Christianity interacts (or doesn’t) with the surrounding, dominating society. This reminds me of the parable about losing saltiness and what I see around me often – a … Continue reading

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Two Necessary Seasons of Life: Pruning and Dormancy

by BECKY ELDREDGE Last year my prayer life told me it was pruning season. After years of being in the full bloom of my outward call, it was time to re-evaluate life’s commitments. God was inviting me to a … Continue reading

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Being restless……

20th Century spiritual writer Henri Nouwen prayed, “Dear Lord, I will remain restless, tense and dissatisfied until I can be totally at peace in your house. There is no certainty that my life will be any easier in the years … Continue reading

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Forgotten God: Reversing our tragic neglect of the Holy Spirit.

“Nowhere in Scripture do I see a ‘balanced life with a little bit of God added in’ as an ideal for us to emulate. Yet when I look at our churches, this is exactly what I see: a lot of … Continue reading

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