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Animal Farm…… so close to today’s world…

Over the summer (we had one at some point apparently in the UK) I have been reading a lot of stuff written by George Orwell chronologically. I am nearing the end of ‘Animal Farm’, and I am stunned to see … Continue reading

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If Bob Diamond wants to restore Barclays he should take a look in his Bible….

from God and Politics in the UK by Gillan @ God and Politics in the UK Back in November of last year Bob Diamond, the chief executive of Barclays, delivered the inaugural Radio 4 Today Business Lecture.  This is part … Continue reading

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Democracy and austerity…  We’re all big fans of democracy. It’s a core western value. We’ve invaded countries to impose it, obviously believing that democracy flows from the barrel of a gun. Over recent days, however, democracy has come to bite our current … Continue reading

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My dungeon shook and the chains fell off

  Clarence Jordan, co-founder of Koinonia Farm wrote, “The resurrection of Jesus was simply God’s unwillingness to take our ‘no’ for an answer. He raised Jesus, not as an invitation to us to come to heaven when we die, but … Continue reading

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An intro to the Atonement from Tim Geddert

atonement Mike Breen writes on the atonement, “While there have been a decent number of explanations of Atonement and what was accomplished through the Cross (see Scot McKnight A Community Called Atonement as well as Mark Baker and Joel Green, … Continue reading

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A People of Suffering?

from A Living Alternative Our Missional Pilgrimage by Jamie A few years ago, while reading through Church history, I was struck by how often Christian communities found themselves the object of persecution and trials.  More pointedly, it seemed that those … Continue reading

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RBS and greedy bankers……

Dear friends across the UK, In days incompetent RBS bosses will try to pay themselves astronomical bonuses, but George Osborne heads up the public body that will negotiate this deal. Let’s shame him into stopping the great fat cat rip-off … Continue reading

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