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What would the apostle Paul think about evangelicals and the conflict in Palestine? By Peter Enns

After visiting Jerusalem and many of the biblical locations within this beautiful country, I left with a very despondent view after visiting Bethlehem. I am from a tribe that’s HQ and much influence is from the USA despite it being … Continue reading

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Biblical Justice vs. Human Justice I’m afraid we don’t understand what justice is. I think many of us get our idea of justice from Hollywood action movies (getting even with our enemy) or episodes of Law and Order (giving the bad guy what they … Continue reading

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Do the Angels Solve the Problem of Evil? – Trevin Wax For many skeptics, the problem of evil is the biggest hurdle to believing in God. David Hume put it memorably: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then is he impotent. Is he able, but not willing? … Continue reading

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Literal thinking falls over early….

Genesis, creation, and two very different portraits of God (or, you can’t pin God down) November 17, 2013 By Peter Enns Marc Zvi Brettler, Dora Golding Professor of Biblical Literature at Brandeis University, and also one of my co-authors on … Continue reading

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Recalculating: How Study Bibles Can Limit Bible Study

  Author: Jen Wilkin We love our study Bibles. Many of us spend our daily reading time with a study Bible in hand, stopping at trickier passages to glance to the bottom of the page for help with interpretive difficulties. … Continue reading

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Preaching as a sacrament.

I was supposed to do a bit of travelling today, but the recent fall of snow has put a stop to the idea. So, instead I have settled down to continue my longterm theological project of reading Karl Barth’s Church … Continue reading

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Perspective as Spiritually forming?

  By Chris Lenshyn Those who read the Bible from a spiritualizing, other worldly perspective will have a spiritualizing, other worldly faith and go to spiritualizing, other worldly churches. Those who read the Bible from a prosperity-promising, greed-promoting, materialistic perspective … Continue reading

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