What am I interested in? Well, that is a big question for someone who is nearing the dreaded 50 year mark of life. I love sport, especially Football (Soccer if your are Stateside), both forms of Rugby and Mountain Biking. My other interests are really due to a discovery of academia at the age of 40. I love Theology and it takes up quite a bit of my time as I am an Ordained Minister. I have more than a little concern for justice, I am becoming increasingly political……. and I have a major concern for the poor….

I hope the stuff I post will be interesting…. please respond with your views/thought, but do so in a manner that you would like to be treated please.

I enjoy reading, can be very intense, but above all know that my faith has rescued me…..

I hope that it is a space without monologue……

I hope that people read it, find something thought provoking enough to take part and respond in safety, offering fresh and maybe not so fresh perspectives about this world, how we live and how our faith shows itself…. hopefully.



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