Engaging With “Unsaved” Family and Friends

I come from a non-churchy background and I know why this is important – We have to be counter to what the world expects on so many issues but unfortunately we live in a binary thinking world – one that God counters by His grace if we look close enough.

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

pfahlercommakatelyn asked a question:

How do you deal with your mother and other people not being saved? Do you have any hope for them?

Hey dear friend, I have a ton of hope for my family.  I have a ton of hope for everyone else in my life who doesn’t know Christ.

I understand two simple things.

1) They have a completely different worldview than me, and I need to adjust my dials for them — not in a way that compromises my faith, but in a way that shows grace. I don’t ever force them to bend to me.

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