Bean counting as the aim…..

We see consumerism everywhere, yes, especially in church! We see business models promoted as magical tablets to cure ailing Sunday attendance, and we also know that many think of local church instead of kingdom thinking….

I am currently reading Michael Frost’s ‘The road to missional, journey to the centre of the church’, and here is something that churches still don’t get:

Church attendance is not the primary goal of Christian mission. As David Bosch says, ‘At it’s heart, the gospel is news about God’s action and reign, not his institution.’ As we’ve noted, mission is alerting people to God’s reign and should not be limited or reduced to simply alerting people to the address of our church building and the times of our services………. My concern is that we should allow church membership to be the outcome of Christian mission, not it’s goal. If we make the alerting of people to God’s rule the primary task, the church membership will be a secondary outcome. We need to learn to stop putting the cart before the horse. Whenever we assume church attendance is the chief end of mission, we will find ourselves reducing evangelism as recruitment and mission to salesmanship with all it’s attendant abuses.

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