Jurgen Moltmann – Christianity and comfort.

I am finding much to be gained from Moltmann in relation to how Christianity interacts (or doesn’t) with the surrounding, dominating society. This reminds me of the parable about losing saltiness and what I see around me often – a Christianity that is all about wanting blessings in a way not dissimilar to going to a supermarket…… Christianity is far greater and deeper than the superfluousness of what I see. I see a Christianity without sacrifice….. effectively a domesticated Jesus instead of the very opposite. Consumerism reigns it seems.


“The recollection of the crucified Christ obliges Christian faith permanently to distinguish itself from its own religious and secular forms. In Western civilization, this means, in concrete terms, distinguishing itself from the ‘Christian-bourgeois world’ and from Christianity as the ‘religion of contemporary society’.

A Christianity which does not measure itself in theology and practice by this criterion loses its identity and becomes confused with the surrounding world; it becomes the religious fulfillment of the prevailing social interests, or of the interests of those who dominate society. It becomes a chameleon which can no longer be distinguishes from the leaves of the tree in which it sits.

But a Christianity which applies to its theology and practice the criterion of its own fundamental origin cannot remain what it is at the present moment in social, political and psychological terms. It experiences an outward crisis of identity, in which its inherited identification with the desires and interests of the world around it is broken down. It becomes something other than what it imagined itself to be, and what was expected of it.”

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