Servant or Leader?

Lance Ford writes in his ‘UnLeader: Reimagining Leadership’ on page 69 the following:
“Depending on the translation, at the very most, ” leader” is used only six times in the New Testament, while the word “servant” can be found over two hundred times. We should be asking why those of us who have a calling to serve the church obsess so much more over leadership than servantship. Jesus said, “I am among you as the one who serves” (Luke 22:27). If we honestly want to be like Jesus – if we honestly want to follow Jesus – we will pursue servantship rather than leadership. We will work to become the greatest servants we can be.”

As I have written and said often before, we need to concentrate on other things and not leadership. For me servanthood is the same as discipleship, and yet we are bombarded as ministers by leadership that wants numbers in many forms. For example, my tribe has set itself a target of new churches, and new young leadership. A course has been devised including mentors, but these prospective leaders haven’t been truly discipled or done much serving. They may have increasingly done an amount of doing, but little in the way of servanthood. They are stepping onto a conveyor belt that ends in a cul-de-sac. They will be programmed to deliver programme, but little depth will be mined, and little fruit will come from the system I suspect.

What are we called to be/do? Many would say ‘make disciples’, we are not called to grow church attendance. We do the planting, and God does the watering…… And He will do that regardless of our efforts.

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