Ministers need to stop and re-orientate.

This year has shown me just how much I need time to stop. To just be able to say ‘No’ to demands of time and energy. Being on holiday can often be a time of being equally busy, but being busy in a different place and in different ways. This is our second holiday together (both ‘kids’ are far too busy elsewhere) in Cornwall where our sole intention has been to slow down, look around us, go for walks (we brought our dog again), rest and to just rethink certain things.

One of the books I am reading is by Dallas Willard. I’d heard and read many positive things about him, and this is the first time I have been able to read anything by him. The book is ‘The Great Omission’, and so far he is living up to those words of recommendation. Last week we had a number of days where ministers gather for our tribes ongoing education. They are normally times I look forward to, but this year was rather different. Some aspects were rewarding, but in general it was disappointing. It was caught up in it’s own busyness by attempting to cram far too much into a very long day. Does that sound familiar? Not my idea of what it should be modelling as an example. Things were clearly unprepared on too many occasions. But there was also a morning devotion for three mornings and they were outstandingly shared by Gordon T. Smith. He concentrated on John 14,15 and 16, and he concentrated on trying to live like Christ, effectively living a Jesus centred spirituality. He was amazing and so refreshing to listen and interact with.

Willard appropriately writes the following:
“Someone has insightfully said, ” The greatest threat to devotion to Christ is service to Christ.”

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