Love it….. !

Last week, I was asked in a very sincere way if Chaplaincy would provide a set of ‘Rosmary Beads’, as he really needed them to pray. I asked him if he was Roman Catholic, and he said ‘no’. I then told him that we don’t just hand them out to people as they are included on the Canteen….. he looked at me blank (the cost about £1 for a very equally tacky set), I then told him that we don’t hand them out because prisoners tend to consider them as a lucky charm…… he looked at me even blanker……

I then asked him what denomination he belonged to and he said ‘C of E’, and I then responded that the Protestant traditions don’t really buy into Rosary Beads, and he started to look confused. He said to me ‘I am not Protestant, what is a Protestant? I was Christened in a C of E, I’m not a Protestant!’

Don’t you just love nominalism…….. He still didn’t get any Rosmary Beads……..

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