New generals, old battles

by len

“Generals lose new wars because they are still fighting old battles.”
From an interview on CBC Radio

“When the Americans entered WWI, the British and French Allies had been bogged down in a demoralizing and costly trench warfare for nearly three years. Millions had died in meaningless attacks to take a few hundred yards of ground, which would inevitably be given back again to a counterattack. Is this not much like the present state of the Body of Christ?

“In the trenches, those who stick their heads up a little higher than anyone else, to try to see beyond the trench, are shot… the main strategy of the enemy is to keep the church pinned down in the trenches.”

“After three and a half years of this devastating form of warfare, the British and French armies were near exhaustion when America entered the war. The vision of the Allied leadership prior to this was limited to finding replacements for the casualties, which were many. Because they were running out of troops, their strategy was to use the fresh American troops to replace their own troops in the trenches.

“But Pershing would not even consider it. He was determined not to use his fresh forces in a meaningless strategy that would lead nowhere.

“When the British and French Prime Ministers summoned him to a conference to pressure him to accept their plan, he shocked them both by walking out of the room. Pershing had not brought his men all the way to Europe to see them wasted.

“That spring the Germans launched their major offensive. The British and French were weary and their reserves depleted. The Americans were untested, and both sides were prepared for a major German advance. But Pershing called for his troops and met the offensive head on. Then he raised an offensive of his own. In just two days the Americans broke through the enemy lines. He threw more than a half million men at the enemy positions in the Argonne Forest. Fighting at times from tree to tree, more than 122,000 Americans fell in the first few days, but after 47 days the Germans supply and communication lines were cut. The Kaiser fled to Holland and Germany surrendered.

“This story parallels the present state of the church. It has been more and more of the same old same old. We have been bogged down in trench warfare for so long that many of the present leaders can no longer see beyond trying to find reinforcements for their old programs. Many are simply trying to hold the ground taken twenty or thirty years ago…

“We will never win if we remain in the trenches…”
Rick Joyner, 2000

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