Tolstoy’s Creed


by Lesley


I thought this was beautiful:

I believe in the following:

I believe in God, whom I understand as God, as love, as primal source. I believe that God is in me and I am in God.

I believe that the will of God is expressed most clearly and most comprehensively in the man Christ, and therefore regard it as the utmost witchcraft to regard him as God and pray to him.

I believe that true human salvation consists in the fulfilment of the will of God, but that his will is for human beings to love one another and therefore to act towards one another as they would want others to act towards them; as it also says in the Gospel, that this is the whole meaning of the Law and the Prophets.

I believe that the meaning of the life of each individual consists merely in the intensification of love in itself, that these intensifications of love lead the individual to ever greater salvation in this life, and that life brings all the greater salvation, the more love there is in a person, and at the same time contributes most to the bringing about of the kingdom of God in the world, i.e. an order of life under which the now prevalent division, treachery and violence will be replaced among human beings by the former harmony, truth and brotherly and sisterly love.

I believe that there is only one means towards furthering love among people, prayer – not as public prayer in the temple, which is directly forbidden by Christ (Matt. 6:5-13), but prayer after the pattern of Christ, solitary prayer, which consists in the restoration and strengthening of meaning of life in an awareness of and dependence on the will of God.

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