Hauerwas on lectionary preaching

by John Meunier

With his customary reticence, Stanley Hauerwas advocates for lectionary-based preaching:

For preaching to be a practice intrinsic to the worship of God requires that the preacher, as well as the congregation, stand under the authority of the Word. That is why preaching should rightly follow a lectionary. To preach from the lectionary makes clear that preaching is the work of the church and not some arbitrary decision by the minister to find a text to fit a peculiar theme that currently fits the preacher’s subjectivity. Rather, the exercise of the ministry of proclamation requires the minister to make clear that the Word preached is as painful to him/her as it is to the congregation. Such an acknowledgement makes clear that preaching is not just another speech but rather the way this people here, including the preacher, is formed into the Word of God.

From Sanctify Them In the Truth, p. 237

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