Recent international conflicts…

I have resisted writing in my own words my thoughts regarding Gadaffi’s murder when found in a drainage pipe in Libya by his own nationals, but below certainly is a reflection that I agree with. It is disturbing in the fact that we seldom learn from history. We commit violence through many forms, and the after effects are indeed the fertilizer for exactly the same acts later….

I am currently reading ‘Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution’ by Andre Trocme, in it he says this:

‘Perhaps it is true that certain violent remedies employed against tyrants have put an end to certain forms of evil, but they have not eliminated evil. Evil itself will take root elsewhere, as we have seen through history. The fertilizer that stimulates its growth is yesterday’s violence. Even ‘just wars’ and ‘legitimate defence’ bring vengeance in their train. Fresh crimes invariably ensue’

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