Are we in the business of saving souls?


For some time now I have been rather sensitive to language used by people when it comes to a person believing in Christ. At times the phrase that has bothered me has been one along the lines of ‘saving souls’ and the idea that that it is a spiritual thing, and a spiritual thing alone. Quite often the phrase is said by people who may not actually understand that they are in fact promoting a disembodied salvation, and in fact promoting a Platonic view of escaping anything earthly – particularly in terms of resurrection. We will be bodily raised and judged, and it is then when we will know true companionship and relationship.

I am currently reading a book by Andre Trocme called ‘Jesus and the Non-Violent Revolution’. In it he says this:

"Although the man with the withered had was not in danger of losing his life, Jesus could not neglect him. He had come to save the entire person, and that immediately. Elsewhere in the Gospels, as in this case, Jesus made no distinction between body and soul. To save is to heal at once the entire human body, body and soul. To kill is to destroy the entire being, body and soul. One cannot kill the body to save the soul, or kill the soul to save the body……. It is not not the sacrifice of the body that counts, but the unlimited dedication of our entire being, body and soul, to a cause more important than our life. The cause Jesus proposed is a person – himself. The cause for which he gave his own life is also a person – you.

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