Church Growth

I heard a lot about indigenous churches whilst in Turkey for a Nazarene Regional Conference….. I prefer the word ‘contextual’ and this article highlights the situation in Australia….. it applies even more so in Europe…

by Hamo

I got asked the other day if our church is growing by ‘conversion’ or by ‘transfer’ which is pastor speak for ‘are people becoming Christians or just moving from other churches?’

Well – neither – our growth has been by immigration. Its hardly a ‘strategy’ but it seems that over half of the people who have come to QBC have come from another country. The biggest group by far are the South Africans who seem to flock to the far north of Perth and then of course there are the Brits. I think Aussies are a fairly strong minority in our church community at the moment and that takes a bit of getting used to.

FWIW I have really enjoyed the SA crew and the guys who have joined us have been great value. With the exception of one very bad experience at the start that I have had to work hard to put behind me, we have all got on well.

The different cultural and theological backgrounds have made it interesting as we have realised there are South Africans from a very strict rigid background in church and then those who come from that but are happy to be part of something more casual and relaxed.

If we do anything well at QBC then its being casual and easy going. So it will be interesting to see what the future holds. The old saying ‘a crowd attracts a crowd’ reverbs in my mind and I imagine we may see a larger group of immigrants form the core of the church.

In that I see our role as leaders as being a church that fits this context and is effective in reaching the people who live around us. So ‘where you’re from’ is less important than if you gel with the vibe of the place and want to be about the same things as we are.

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