A Friday Five

Songbird, over at RevGals, offers this Friday Five:

I helped someone to move house last Saturday. They had lived in it for 8 years. The longest I have lived at an address since 1980 is five years (done that twice) but have moved 20 times since 1980! So here goes with the questions from Rev Gals.

So here are five questions about home.

1) Where was your first home? Born in Leeds, a council estate.

2) Do you ever dream about places you used to live? I miss the last married quarter we lived in at RAF Brampton, Huntingdon. The summers were long (it seemed) BBQ’s and social life. Lots of sport.

3) If you could bring back one person from your past to sit at your dinner table, who would you choose? Difficult one. I miss Rick Clarke who was becoming an increasingly good mate before he died of cancer. I’d have Ben, my first dog sat at the table with me, and I’d try to make up for my failings with him. He was a gorgeous ginger Cocker Spaniel who died after 17 years.

4) What’s your favorite room in your current living space? The Dining Room/Study/Music Room.

5) Is there an object or an item where you live now that represents home? No, I really don’t like Lancashire.

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