Yesterday’s trip to Leeds…

At around 3pm yesterday, I drove across the M62 towards God’s County – Yorkshire. It is always an amazing experience doing the trip across the Pennines, but yesterday was rather special.

There was brilliant sunshine and the roads were wet from a recent downpour. Now, you may say that there is nothing special in that, but there was. The vehicles were kicking up spray from the road and it was caught by the light in two very different ways. The spray stayed not far off at wheel height and the sun was reflecting from the water with a brilliant white. It was dazzling to see and drive through.

The other thing was this, and it was something I hadn’t seen before. As the whiteness was being reflected, the swirling water also created a rainbow effect almost behind every car etc. which in turn transformed the whiteness into a bright orange as the water moved in swirls behind each vehicle. At times it seemed as if there were flames swirling along the motorway as I headed east. There was a blanket of flame that appeared to be about 2 feet in height. Almost as amazing was the constant rainbow at the front of my car, which seemed attached to the nose of my Citroen….. an amazing sight that lasted for about 10-15 minutes…… brilliant!!!

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