A "Theology" of Hell?

from Waving or Drowning? by Mike

Sometimes this doesn’t take a whole lot of thought.

That’s the idea that struck me as I scanned through my inbox this morning. We tend to over-think things. I also think we start with the end in mind, and re-engineer the inputs to give us the desired outcome. In this case, of course, we start with the belief that God sends people to hell. Forever. And we try to make that notion make sense.

But back to my email.

The subject line of the email, from Christianity Today, said this:

Does a loving God really send some people to hell?

…and the answer was never so obvious to me. Of course not. Not the “eternal torment” type of hell, anyway. I don’t need theology to back me up, I don’t even need scripture to back me up. I know this because the God I’m in relationship with–as little as I actually comprehend about the entity I call God–wouldn’t do this.

Try this on for size: Loving parent hits child on head with rock. Repeatedly. Forever.

How’s that sound?

The whole point of grace in my mind is this: The offer isn’t retracted if it’s not accepted. That’s what makes it grace. Otherwise it’s a business deal.

Back to work. Anyone want to weigh in on this one?

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